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Originally Posted by westerman View Post
Well you are forgetting annual maintenance costs -- perhaps you can consider that part of 'other cost". Additionally the idea of a sequencing machine lasting 5 years is a laughable idea. Lately a sequencing center will be upgrading their machines every couple of years just to keep up with everyone else.

In any case academic pricing (which is what I presume Duke is reporting) is usually only loosely correlated with non-academic ("real world") pricing.
Thanks for your reply. So is assuming a sequencing machine to last two years more reasonable? Then $959 is in the equipment cost. The total becomes $3,874. Then it does look like Duke is not making much. Probably their pricing is just an academic deal?

Maybe around $7,000 is more reasonable for non-academic? I found some deals on genohub that is around $3,300 for one rapid mode PE 100 lane. That's pretty close to the $7,000 I estimated.
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