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Originally Posted by ymc View Post
Thanks for your reply. So is assuming a sequencing machine to last two years more reasonable? Then $959 is in the equipment cost. The total becomes $3,874. Then it does look like Duke is not making much. Probably their pricing is just an academic deal?

Maybe around $7,000 is more reasonable for non-academic? I found some deals on genohub that is around $3,300 for one rapid mode PE 100 lane. That's pretty close to the $7,000 I estimated.
As you can see, pricing runs can be tricky, and it is especially difficult to compare academic and commercial pricing. But the other thing to keep in mind is that the numbers you’re seeing are estimates. Most providers (especially commercial ones) will charge different prices at different times (based on instrument capacity) and for different projects (based on things like difficulty and long-term value of the customer).

The only way to know the actual price for your exact project on the exact terms you want is to contact the individual providers and give them all of the relevant information. They can then tell you if they have the capacity, how long it will take, and exactly what they will charge. The time consuming nature of doing this for more than one or two providers is the reason AllSeq created the Sequencing Marketplace. You describe your project once (using our online tools) and then have multiple providers (academic and commercial) bid on your project. Only those providers who have the interest and the capacity will be bidding, so you won’t waste time chasing down estimated prices that may or may not ever materialize.

Good luck and let us know what you end up doing.

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