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Originally Posted by gringer View Post
Or use Genohub, which provides you with fixed prices first for a range of general use conditions, and then you can contact the provider directly with their pre-generated quote -- no time lost in waiting for bids. I guess the disadvantage of genohub is that it doesn't allow you to be completely specific about your needs (although the consultation option would probably work for that).
Using one of the various listing services out there is certainly an option. However, it’s very hard for a provider to list an accurate price when they don’t know all of the details (how many lanes, what sample type, sample shipment date, data delivery date, etc). For example, a provider can list a price for a single lane of 1X50bp reads, but if you only buy one lane, they’ll be hard pressed to fill the other seven lanes. The buyer either has to pay for the full flow cell, wait (maybe months) for the other lanes to fill up, or run a different configuration (like the popular 2X100bp). Therefore, you still need to communicate individually with each provider to make sure they’ll really be able to run your samples at that price, configuration and timeframe. If you’re only dealing with a couple that’s not so bad, but I wouldn’t want to do that with 40+ providers. That would take a lot longer than a streamlined bidding process.

And AllSeq (as well as most providers) will happily offer a free consultation to help researchers design the most efficient NGS experiment. Our team has helped hundreds of people do this.

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