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Default The Metagenomic Forensics Challenge - CAMDA19@ISMB/ECCB

MetaSUB is building an international metagenomic map of urban spaces, based on extensive sampling of mass-transit systems and other public areas across the globe. In a strategic partnership new data from global City Sampling Days is first introduced through the annual CAMDA contests.
CAMDA delegates thus receive access to hundreds of novel MetaSUB samples, comprising several gigabases of whole genome shotgun (WGS) metagenomics data. The primary data set covers multiple cities around the world, with tens of samples per city, providing a unique resource for the study of biodiversity within and across geographic locations.

Further extended global coverage is achieved by complementary 16S rRNA studies contributing thousands of samples, the Earth Microbiome Project and A global atlas of the dominant bacteria found in soil.
For a range of MetaSUB Boston reference samples we now provide both WGS and 16S profiles, allowing a first systematic link of WGS and 16S resources.

Together, these unique resources support novel approaches to identify sample origin locations for cities seen for the very first time. Performance can be tested on an independent test set of over 50 samples from multiple 'mystery' locations from cities not sampled before.

A key challenge in metagenomic forensics is the construction of a microbiome fingerprint which will allow the prediction of the geographical origin of a sample even in case when no reference samples from this location are known.

Extended Abstract Proposals due 12 May 2019

Join us for a stimulating scientific meeting and lively discussions in Basel 24-25 July 2019!

Follow us on twitter @CAMDA_conf
Pawel Labaj
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