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Lightbulb MetaSUB Inter-City Challenge - CAMDA@ISMB/ECCB

Founded in 2015, the MetaSUB International Consortium aims to create the world's only longitudinal metagenomic map of mass-transit systems and other public spaces across the globe. While Global City Sampling Day covered over 40 locations, the consortium has partnered with CAMDA for the first-ever multi-city analysis, with an early release of New York City, Boston, and Sacramento exclusive to MetaSUB and CAMDA.

Analysis suggestions:
  • Biological: Compare organism fingerprints from public places across cities. Investigate organism sequences and biodiversity vs location. How diverse is each city in terms of the numbers of bacteria, eukaryotes, viruses, plasmids, and antimicrobial resistance markers (AMRs)? Can we determine if each city has a distinct AMR profile?
  • Technical: Which computational tools have the highest sensitivity and specificity for species detection?

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Join us for a stimulating scientific meeting and lively discussions in Prague 22-23 July 2017!

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See you in Prague!
Pawel Labaj
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