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Hi all, I need some help regarding Blast2go software. I'm currently doing transcriptomic research for a seaweed. I've been analysing my transcript using blast2go version 2.8.0 and blast2go pro trial. I found slightly different data that been generated from both version. For example, GO term for molecular function generated from blast2go pro gave different result compared to blast2go version 2.8.0. May I know why?

On the other hand, to proceed with my work, should I only focus on data generated from blast2go version 2.8.0 only or should take consideration of data generated from blast2go pro trial?

May I know what is the advantage of blast2go pro compared to version 2.8.0?
I would be very grateful if anyone of you can give me link about blast2go for me to understand it more and fully utilised it for my work.

thanks guys!
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