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Originally Posted by Magdoll View Post

Short answer is yes. There are multiple ways to hack -- will require additional monitoring of the parallel jobs. But I first need to ask what parameters did you use to call What are the size bins (aka what are the subdirectories in clusterOut/)? Do you have an SGE cluster? Do you have multiple nodes from which you can run parallel cluster jobs?

Also, please consider joining the Iso-Seq google group:!forum/smrt_isoseq

Since is on the cutting edge (it's not officially supported in SMRTAnalysis 2.x but is on the agenda for SMRTAnalysis 3.x), the google group is better suited

Code: --nfl_fa isoseq_nfl.fasta --ccs_fofn reads_of_insert.fofn --bas_fofn input.fofn -d clusterOut --quiver --bin_manual "(0,2,4,6,8,9,10,11,12,13,15,17,19,20,23)" --gmap_db /zs32/data-analysis/liucy_group/llhuang/Reflib/gmapdb --gmap_name gmapdb_h19 --output_seqid_prefix human isoseq_flnc.fasta final.consensus.fa
The lab's sever is high-powered single-node computer and
has no an SGE cluster. Can I use multiple CPUs to run command?
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