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Originally Posted by maubp View Post
Having had a quick look at the file, you need a Unix like system. Linux should be fine. I think Mac OS X could probably work (I had a problem with "make check" saying it couldn't fine md5sum, I've not looked into it).

If you really have to use Windows, and the BFAST authors don't have a better idea, you could try using Cygwin - - but this isn't always so straightforward.
I have tried to use Cygwin, but I couldn't manage to get the script executed...
I'm a bit non linux-friendly...! I'll try some tutorial.
And I'll also try to run it on Linux asap.

If you know the command I should write into Cygwin, let me please know.
I've tried Cygwin using "$ path/" but the program seems not to recognize some commands...
Otherwise I'll wait for the bioinformatic guy in charge of it to come back at the lab!
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