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Originally Posted by Fernas View Post
Thanks very much Brian.

I downloaded BBMap and when I tried to run (bbcountunique.ssh) I got the following error "Exception in thread main java.lang.unsupportedclassversionerror: jgi/Calcuniqueness"

I downloaded a new version of jre but I am wondering how to use it with the code? do I need to modify the code or the path variable? do I need to download another file?
Assuming you downloaded a Java 7 JRE, and installed it, the program should just work. If you are still getting the same error, then the JRE was not installed correctly; you can resolve that by editing your PATH variable to remove the path to the old java executable (on our system, it is "/usr/common/usg/languages/java/jdk/oracle/1.7.0_51_x86_64/bin/") and put in the path to the new java executable. Alternately, you can edit the shellscript "". Line 80, 5 lines from the bottom, is:

local CMD="java $EA $z -cp $CP jgi.CalcUniqueness $@"

If your new java executable is at, say, "/usr/jdk/oracle/1.7.0_51_x86_64/bin/java", then you would just change that line to:

local CMD="/usr/jdk/oracle/1.7.0_51_x86_64/bin/java $EA $z -cp $CP jgi.CalcUniqueness $@"

If you can't figure out how to install the new jre or don't have the proper permissions, then run "java -version" and copy and paste the output into this thread.
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