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Originally Posted by Brian Bushnell View Post
In noncumulative mode (default), a point indicates "for the last X reads, this percentage had never been seen before". In this mode, once the line hits zero, sequencing more is not useful.

In cumulative mode, a point indicates "for all reads, this percentage had never been seen before", but still only one point is plotted per X reads.
First, thanks Brian for this tool... I am trying to use it on pilot data to determine how to multiplex my samples.

To my question, I am not entire sure I understand how to interpret the results.

In default mode I get a curve that plateaus around 35% between 30-50M reads. It doesn't seem to move towards zero. I'd like to interpret this that there is no point in sequencing more than 30M reads, but that wouldn't be correct to your statement. It would appear that I keep getting 30% new sequences like forever!?

Could you clarify, or am I doing something wrong? And how should you interpret the cumulative mode?


PS. I have three columns. Could you also clarify what the rand column means?

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