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Originally Posted by BioWizard View Post
"commercial" nature of the conference is a great feature. For example, in this conference we discovered a new startup which invented technology to perform next gen sequence alignment 100 times faster than any other solution. We don't have the budget for big cluster like some of you big time genome centers. With these guys' tool, we do alignment on one computer, and it cuts our total sample sequencing time by a day. Its nice to hear academics talking about their wonderful science (fiction), but we go to this conference to also pick up the latest technology "real solutions", and for that we need "commercial" vendors. Unfortunately Next Gen sequencing is not main stream enough that we can get the best tools automatically from Microsoft and Intel... no , we rely on small innovative start ups (often formed by professors !!) and the only way we find out about them is these "commercial" shows.

I agree that great collaboration must exist between commercial and academic initiatives. It just sometimes, highly commercial talks just end up being advertisement without much discussion of method/development. I think there are a proliferation of open source efforts within the next generation markets which allows for all players to be involved.
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