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Cool Adaptor technologies comparison


I am interested in the comparison/respective advantages and weak points of the various adapters technologies, from the point of view of in-vitro genomic libraries construction and amplification, the avoidance of artifacts, and ease of preparation.

1) Comments of users with a global view on this (including the adapter technologies of Solexa, Illumina, Solid, etc...) ?
I am interested in the details also (eventual exo protection, eventual 3'-end and/or 5'-end modification, etc...)

2) Alternatly, I would welcome comments of users with hands-on experience with their particular library preps, regarding the avoidance of artifacts, and ease of preparation, and structures of the oligos.

3) about the Solid adaptors: (see also

I have read in the forum (, sci_guy), that the solid adaptors are non-phosphorylated, so that P1-P1, P2-P2, or P1-P2 dimers are not formed at the ligation step; (by the way, are the 3'TT-overhangs efficient at avoiding ligation to genomic DNA ?)
Also, for the amplification steps, the targets of the primers are generated by nick translation.
Those features appears clever; Does this technique readily outperforms the competitor's adapters technologies ?

note: I transferred the initial post, to this forum.
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