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Default CummeRbund getGenes command broken in R?

Hi Everyone,

I don't know what exactly happened. I have been working with R and cummeRbund for the past few months. Everything seemed to be fine with the

getGenes command in the manual.

Apparently, when I enter the getGenes commands. I get the following error:

> myGenes <- getGenes(cuff,myGeneIds)
Getting gene information:
Error in sqliteExecStatement(con, statement, : 
  RS-DBI driver: (error in statement: near ")": syntax error)
I am using latest version of cummeRbund with R. Also my Cuffdiff output was done through Cufflinks/Cuffmerge/Cuffdiff 2.0.2.

I checked my old data, which has worked in the past and I received the same error, which is strange.

Also I have reinstalled cummeRbund as well. I've rebuilt the database file as well. No matter, what I do I get this same error.

If someone could kindly help me. I would really appreciate it.

Thank you,


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Maybe the problem is not in CummerRbund, but in the SQLite server or client.
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Regardless of where the problem lies it renders many of my needs unattainable and removes a lot of cummeRbund's function.

Has anyone found a way to get past this yet?

I have tried rebuilding the database with

But it breaks again as soon as I try to repeat

my_sig_genes = getGenes(cuff, my_sig_gene_ids)

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