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Default What are these BC files for? Should I use them in alignment?

Hi, folks. I've started working with some old SOLiD single-ended RNA-seq reads, from 2010 and 2011. I'm using novoalignCS and have the quality files, csfasta files, and an additional fasta-like file with "BC" in the filename. Here's an example of the filenames:

The F3.csfasta and F3_QV.qual files are as expected, and work fine with novoalignCS.

The BC.csfasta files have data as follows and I'm completely mystified as to what they are:

# Wed Jul 7 11:02:39 2010 /share/apps/corona/bin/ --output=/data/results/solid0015/solid0015_20100706_S1001938CIS_BC/bcSample1/results.F1B1/primary.20100707172116543 --name=solid0015_20100706_S1001938CIS_BC_bcSample1 --tag=BC --minlength=5 --mincalls=25 --prefix=G /data/results/solid0015/solid0015_20100706_S1001938CIS_BC/bcSample1/jobs/postPrimerSetPrimary.1505/rawseq
# Cwd: /home/pipeline
# Title: solid0015_20100706_S1001938CIS_BC_bcSample1
# Library:S1001938CIS_7:00313
>1_223_2_BC 0
>1_238_37_BC 0
>1_240_14_BC 0

Anyone know? Should I be using these BC files in some way? They have extremely little information content.
Sam Hokin
Computational Scientist, Carnegie and NCGR
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Well, the main thing is your csfasta and qual files work fine.

Could BC be barcode ? They seemt to be short, as in barcodes, and the format seems to be the csfasta format.

Not sure I ever saw these in my days of SOLiD adventures, which ended in 2012 (thank god).
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solid data analysis

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