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Default A tad bit confused....

Hi guys, I am new to this site and have a few questions. I have been given a file of sequence reads from Illumina, s_7_sequence.txt in an attempt at de novo assembly (as a means of training me ). I thought my reads were in fastq format, however running velvet said it wasnt. In velvet the only file format that seems to work is gerald format. But when I attempt to run velvetg it says there are no nodes. I think this may be as a result of the file not being in fastq format. My sequences look like this:


would anyone know of a script to convert this file format to fastq? Or do you think there is some error as to why velvet is not working on the file?
Thanks in advanced folks !
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FASTQ has 4 basic lines to it

A line with the ID on it, starting with @
A line with the sequence on it, with no prefix
A line with the ID on it, starting with +
A line the quality values on it, with no prefix

Yup, there's redundancy in the ID lines; I didn't design this but assume it was a desire for a check

It's hard to tell where the linebreaks are in your data (next time post with the CODE tags to preserve them), but if it is in 2-line pairs as it appears then the code would be

use strict;
while (my $lineA=<IN>)
  my ($id,$seq)=($lineA=~/(.*\/[12]):(.*)/);
  my $lineB=<IN>;
  print "\@$id\n";
  print $seq;  # newline was not chopped out!
  print "+$id\n";
  print $lineB; # quality info
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