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Originally Posted by Joann View Post
OK, so how about LBP (little bitty pieces) sequencing?
Not all technologies are short read.
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"All samples will undergo Markedly Faster and Slightly Longer Than Last Year sequencing to identify rare variants".
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Default Which generation?

By my count Sanger is 3rd generation. The 1st nucleic acid sequence I remember was a tRNA sequence obtained by analysis of nuclease products on 2D thin layer chromatography. Then Maxam-Gilbert chemical sequencing emerged as the 1st tractable way to sequence longer stretches of DNA (how many or you know how to pour a meter long, 0.5mm thick polyacrylamide gel with no bubbles?). Then came the Sanger method which was much less finicky than chemical sequencing and ruled for more or less a human generation (albeit with technical improvements like switching to capillary electrophoresis along the way).

Now what you have is the parallel evolution of a variety of different technologies. I think the generational analogy has broken down. Perhaps a speciation analogy is more applicable now. I don't see single molecule sequencing as the next wave per se, rather each technology competing now has a niche application and often two technologies need to be combined to do a particular job well. is offline   Reply With Quote
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How about Age of Aquarius Sequencing? We could all grow our hair out, it'd be groovy.
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Default Oh, the gels I have poured....

I did not have any bubble problems with acrylamide gels--would simply degas a solution of 5x recrystalized acrylamide before pouring....

Additionally, I've made purified whole protein samples, but never got to perform sequencing on those. Protein sequencing provided us the first glimpse at evolutionary conservation and those isoforms in action. Now we have the short course.
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Default It will be "XGen": Before X PRIZE, After X PRIZE

How to identify sequencing technologies will become straightforward after some team demonstrates they can win the $10M Archon Genomic X PRIZE <>. The stringent requirements of the AGXP will distinguish all platforms capable of achieving such goals and henceforth sequencing platforms would be identified as “X PRIZE Capable” versus those that are not.

Larry Kedes
Senior Advisor. X PRIZE Foundation
Scientific Director, Archon Genomic X PRIZE
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Originally Posted by Michael.James.Clark View Post

ECO, I actually think you might be okay leaving "next generation" in the tag line. I mean, we are always going to be discussing the "next generation" (plus some of the last generation, probably).
I like the idea of always having the "next gen" name.
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