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Default WTSS, SQRL or RNA-seq

In the last couple of weeks, 4 papers have come out that all describe the sequencing of mammalian transcriptomes with short reads. It has been termed, by different groups, Whole Transcriptome Shotgun Sequencing, Short Quantitative Random RNA Libraries, and RNA-seq. I haven't seen any posts here on it, so I thought I would provide the links:

(application to mammals)


(yeast papers)
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SQRL is on the front page, but it's a good thread to start. There are many important papers and methods coming out now.

You forgot another very important one...
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Default Which name henceforth ?

Ok, I am genuinely curious to know what people think of the three acronyms and which one will last.... I must say that while I've heard a multitude of people use the term RNA-seq at conferences and within ENCODE, I had not heard the terms WTSS and SQRL until I looked at the papers.
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This is an amusing post to look back on three years later. It would have been even more interesting if people had posted their predictions.
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