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Default Number of NGS publications

Hi, does anyone know of a place with a summary of the number of articles related to NGS published in the last 1,2,3 years? If not, how could a pubmed search be exhaustive and specific about this? I am trying to find out the publishing curve for general articles and also specific to analysis tools.

I have done searches like

(next generation sequencing OR deep sequencing) AND (illumina OR 454 OR Ion Torrent) AND analysis AND ("last 3 years"[PDat])

But the results show some other hits that at first sight don't seem to be related to the topic


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It is very easy to get a picture of the trend using google scholar with the "Next Generation Sequencing" query and data limits.
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Some of the individual manufacturers did (and may still) have lists of publications using their machines; that could be a way to start.

Illumina's appears to have about 141 pages at about 15 citations per page (so about 2100 publications), and looks like it may not have been updated since June of this year. SOLiD's is here; it isn't formatted for easy estimation. GS Jr even has its own, short list; the 454 has a much bigger set (though again, not designed for quick estimating)

Helicos is in the low double digits; I don't believe Ion Torrent or PacBio have more than one hand's worth each; neither has been in general circulation very long.

You may also want to specify you question a bit more tightly (or perhaps not) -- are you wishing to include purely informatics papers, purely methods papers, reviews, or just primary literature using NGS?

I think the technology is so ubiquitous now that it would be very hard to get a firm handle on this without a lot of manual attention, during which time additional articles would have been published :-)
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