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I have repeated Brian Bushnell's comparison among adaptor trimmers, this time including the most recent versions of Cutadapt, Trimmomatic, and fastp. Here are my commands:

# Cutadapt 3.4:
time cutadapt -m 21 -j 0 -b "file:gruseq.fa" -B "file:gruseq.fa" -o cutadapt_R1.fq.gz -p cutadapt_R2.fq.gz dirty_R1.fq.gz dirty_R2.fq.gz

# Trimmomatic 0.39:
time trimmomatic PE -phred33 dirty_R1.fq.gz dirty_R2.fq.gz trimmomatic_R1.fq.gz trimmomatic_U1.fq.gz trimmomatic_R2.fq.gz trimmomatic_U2.fq.gz ILLUMINACLIP:gruseq.fa:2:28:10:2:keepBothReads MINLEN:21

# fastp 0.22.0:
time fastp -w 8 -Q -l 21 --adapter_fasta gruseq.fa --detect_adapter_for_pe --in1 dirty_R1.fq.gz --in2 dirty_R2.fq.gz --out1 fastp_R1.fq.gz --out2 fastp_R2.fq.gz

# 38.92:
time in=dirty_R#.fq.gz out=bbduk_R#.fq.gz ref=gruseq.fa ktrim=r mink=12 hdist=1 minlen=21 tpe tbo

# 38.92 (x2):
time ktrim=r minlength=21 interleaved=f tpe tbo ref=gruseq.fa in=dirty_R#.fq.gz out=stdout.fq k=21 mink=11 hdist=2 | ktrim=r minlength=21 interleaved=f tpe tbo ref=gruseq.fa in=stdin.fq out=bbduk_x2_R#.fq.gz k=19 mink=9 hdist=1
And these were the results:
Time to cleanNA3m42.848s1m11.250s1m42.455s0m9.574s0m15.249s
Reads retained100.00093.34592.51492.99793.00292.994
Bases retained100.00074.5374.43673.97074.26874.186
Perfectly correct (Reads)49.97097.3580.92296.25694.84995.784
Perfectly correct (Bases)49.97096.9286.42696.03593.90095.099
Incorrect (Reads)50.0302.6519.0783.7445.1514.216
Incorrect (Bases)50.0303.0813.5743.9656.1004.901
Adaptors remaining (Reads)50.0302.415.8461.8303.8662.798
Adaptors remaining (Bases)25.1820.280.4220.0490.1930.105
Non-adaptor removed (Reads)0.0001.5313.2311.9141.2851.418
Non-adaptor removed (Bases)0.0000.040.2180.5660.3080.325

I still prefer for its speed and high accuracy. fastp had slightly higher accuracy but it sometimes mistakes genomic sequence for adaptor (see this post). However Cutadapt now is clearly more accurate (but the slowest by far). I wonder if anybody can recommend some settings that could increase bbduk's accuracy a little more?
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