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Default Commercial vs. Academic Centers

Originally Posted by dca View Post
Hello All -
I'm a GS-FLX/454 user - so don't know about SOLiD or Illumina/Solexa sites.
However, there are currently 9 sites in Canada with the Roche machines. In addition to the previously mentioned Genome Quebec/McGill (Montreal), Sick Kids/TCAG (Toronto) and BC Genome Science groups, there are machines at the Natl Micro Lab (Winnipeg, MB), University of Guelph (Guelph, ON), University of Saskatchewan (Saskatoon, SK), McMaster University (Hamilton, ON), Alberta (I think), and our instrument (OAHPP, also in Toronto).
Although our infrastructure doesn't support commercial/fee-for-service genome sequencing, we are eager to collaborate with other Canadians. So, if you have a project, perhaps we can help.
Thanks, I started to do this myself this week and then thought someone must have done it already. Thus this is my first day and first post to SeqAnswers.

I think David's comment that the listed Canadian centers don't have a mandate to support commercial/fee-for-service genome sequencing indicates a clear need for that column in your table of centers. Clearly companies like Complete Genomics is 'For-Profit' as are Ambry Genetics or Eureka Genomics to name a few. On the flip side, many of the centers listed are academic, like the Canadian centers, and may only actually be able to take samples from their associated university.

I'd be happy to help edit the list of commercial companies if you go to the wiki idea.

John Clouston
Real Time Genomics Inc.

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Many academic centers will take all comers, so please don't just filter on for profit vs academic.
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So I just ported this updated data to the wiki.


Please feel free to add new locations, if anyone has trouble with wiki-markup we can probably add a form to enable insertion of new data.

Discuss any wiki problems, etc in the Wiki Forum.
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james hadfield
Cambridge, UK
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The Google map of next-gen seqeuncers has more than 1000 instruments! We are getting close to Jay Flatley's 1500 figure so thanks to everyone for contributing.

James and Nick.
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Default Illumina GAIIx Core, OH

Dear All,

The Nucleic Acid Shared Resource (NASR) Illumina GAIIx Core from The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center –Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute.

NASR provides single-read and long- and short-insert, paired-end reads for genome sequencing, transcriptome analysis, and gene regulation and epigenetic profiling.


María Katherine Mejia-Guerra
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Greetings all. Centrillion Biosciences is offering Illumina sequencing and bioinformatics support. We can also do the upfront library work, target enrichment, RNA work, etc. I am happy to talk with anyone about their project.

Please email me or give me a call.

Robert A. Feldman, Ph.D.
VP Scientific Affairs
Centrillion Biosciences
110 Pioneer Way, Suite F
Mountain View, CA 94041

ph: 831-818-4505
fax: 650-318-3383
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Default Expression Analysis

Expression Analysis will become Pacific Biosciences 1st commercial service provider and their recommended service provider for the pharmaceutical industry. The instrument is scheduled to ship in the 4th quarter.
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Xcelris Labs in india, SOLiD 454, GAII
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Default Easih

The Eastern Sequence amd Informatic Hub (EASIH), Cambridge University, situated at Addenbrookes hospital has just opened for business. We have 3 SOLid, one GAIIx and a 454.
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Default Now accepting outside business

Hello all,

The University of Virginia Genomics Core Facility has recently been authorized to accept outside customers. We have one 454 GS FLX at this time. For all inquires regarding experimental design, projects costs, or to simply ask questions about the technology please don't hesitate to contact me:

John Chuckalovcak, M.S.
Operations Manager
Genomics Core Facility
jpc7b (at)

University of Virginia
Dept. of Biology
P.O. Box 400328
Charlottesville, VA 22904

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Hi all

Sandor Proteomics Pvt Ltd for Illumina GAIIx based services. Currently performing de-novo sequencing and assembly of Buffalo and Goat genomes.


Tony Jose
(Scientist- Next Generation Sequencing)

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Hi, all

Columbia University Medical School's Deep Sequencing Core Facility is offering 454, illumina and SOLiD sequencing and bioinformatics analysis.

Ryan Kim, PhD
Associate Research Scientist
Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center
Columbia University Medical Center
1130 St. Nicholas Ave
New York, NY 10032
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Thanks for all the updates folks, however I would LOVE it if you would add your own facility to the wiki page:

I will eventually update the first post in the thread but this list is growing faster than I can manually update it, and would hope the wiki format is more conducive to people adding their own data. Thanks!
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very excellent job! thanks for hard working!!
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ShanghaiBio Corporation(

ABI SOLiD/Solexa/454
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Originally Posted by lcollado View Post

Unidad Universitaria de Secuenciación Masiva
Illumina GAII at UUSM from UNAM, Mexico. First one in Latino America


PS Website is not complete, but they are working on it.
Just posting a minor update. The name changed a little bit from UUSM to:

Unidad Universitaria de Secuenciación Masiva de DNA
L. Collado Torres, Ph.D. student in Biostatistics.
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NxGenBio Life Sciences is please to announce offering of Next Gen Sequencing services on 454 & Illumina GA platforms in India, we also offer target enrichment services on Agilent sureselect Technology.

Contact us at the following:
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Can I add in Malaysian Genomics Resource Centre

They provide both the NGS sequencing (Illumina HiSeq, and Roche/454 top be added shortly) and Bioinformatics
Jo Mason
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project enquiries to MGRC can be emailed to:

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