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Default PHP is used to create which kind of website?

I am Tamil. I am studying Engineering degree. I would like to know For creating what kind of websites PHP language is used?
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The most successful sites like Facebook and Wikipedia are also built using PHP.
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PHP can be used in any kind of website. It is simply a scripting language that can be embedded in HTML.

These resources might be helpful: What is PHP?, What can PHP do?

From the links above, here are some things that you can do using PHP:
-collect form data
-write database-enabled web pages
-generate dynamic page content
-send and receive cookies
-output images, PDF files, Flash movies
-generate text, XHTML, XML files
-talk to other services using protocols such as LDAP, IMAP, SNMP, NNTP, POP3, HTTP, COM, etc.
-open raw network sockets and interact using any other protocol
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