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Default TCGA data access

I have read various posts including thsi one about TCGA-
I never had my luck in accessing the TCGA data. However I recently read one post-
which kind of support my views also. I would like to see if other members also had similar difficulties and experience with TCGA data. I at least agree with one point that in the spirit of public access mechanism of data for controlled access no one of the grp involved in generating data should be involved at least it should be and independent body regulating the access if data if access has to be controlled.

I welcome your feedback and your thoughts.
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Hi Matthew,

We at Station X totally feel that TCGA data needs to be more freely accessible and approachable by the research community. In that spirit, we've recently launched a free reference library of genomics data as part of GenePool that is anchored by TCGA RNA-Seq data and it's metadata has been curated and linked to each of the samples. I trust you'll find that GenePool is making it easy to work with large cohorts of genomics data, including the TCGA cohorts.

For more information about GenePool's growing library of genomics data, check out the following threads:

GenePool is making genomics data management, analysis, and sharing easier!
Products @

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