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I want to see tons of glowing free pens and massive free booze evening to even consider this...
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Two interesting nuggets..

Oxford Nanopore to Unveil New DNA Sequencers This Week

Oxford Nanopore and Illumina in Arbitration Regarding Sequencing Partnership
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Interesting indeed.

From the BusinessWeek article:

The MinION will cost less than $1,000, Sanghera said. 
Its components can be removed, recycled and fitted with new ones at a reduced price
Does that mean all labs would have to buy a certain number of MinION and then periodically send them in for "recycling"?
At $1000 a MinION that could add up to some significant dollars.

Originally Posted by protist View Post
Two interesting nuggets..

Oxford Nanopore to Unveil New DNA Sequencers This Week
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I was thinking it was more like a sub-full price bit that you could swap into the USB stick part. Buy the whole thing for $1k, then pay less than $1k for the little replaceable bit. It makes sense, really, in that you don't have to toss all the computer hardware bits when the minion is used up.

Alternatively, they could give you a trade-in rebate when you swap out old for new, maybe.

Either way, exciting news.
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