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Default Anyone else had enough of Life Technologies?

I need to know if anyone else out there is as annoyed as I am about the whole 300/400 bp sequencing/OneTouch 2 fiasco?

We were led to believe that we would be able to do 300/400 bp sequencing when we bought a PGM 9 months ago. Now we find out that in order to do 400 bp sequencing we will need to trade in our OneTouch instrument and buy a OneTouch 2 ($5K-$10K depending on when you buy it).

But as if that weren't bad enough ..... Life Technologies released a 300 bp sequencing kit about 2-3 months ago. 300 bp sequencing didn't require a OneTouch 2 so we were able to do it on our OneTouch 1. We bought the kit and started doing the 300 bp soon as they announce that a OneTouch 2 is needed for 400 bp sequencing they discontinue the 300 bp sequencing kit. This essentially forces anyone who wants to do longer reads into buying a OneTouch 2.

Seriously am I the only one out there who thinks this is a despicable business practice? Life Technologies should be ashamed of themselves. If we could go back in time 10 months we would absolutely NOT have bought a PGM. Unfortunately we are locked in now and that seems to be Life Technologies business model. Get you so far in that there is no turning back and you have to fork out the extra cash. Nice one.

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Sorry to hear that. That's pretty much par for the course for this industry. Illumina discontinued many of its microarray chips to force you upgrade to their newer chip scanners. Illumina did give you almost a whole year's worth of advance notice though.
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Welcome to Invitrogen...
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I use the PGM and you have no idea how many conversations I have had with people concerning this exact same issue. They certainly seem to enjoy the bait and switch

Now if only I didn't like their enzymes so much.....

I don't think Illumina is much better though. It's the industry. They want to move fast because they fear being left behind. They just don't understand that they shouldn't abandon products when bringing out new ones. It just makes everyone angry and bitter, especially if that was not the deal hinted at by the sales force to make you buy the initial product in the first place.
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Try hitting them up for a trade-in on your one-touch.
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