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Default MiSeq v3 Reagents with v2 flowcell

I remember seeing that the MiSeq v2 and v3 flow cells are exactly the same, and that the main difference between the kits is the chemistry (in the reagent cartridge), recipes, and physical area of the flow cell being observed.

Does that mean I can use a flow cell received with a v2 kit with v3 reagents? Any idea about using a micro/nano flow cell with v3 chemistry (even though they're not explicitly sold together). I have successfully mixed and matched a v2 2x25 kit with a nano flow cell in the past, so clearly Illumina is willing to tolerate some mixing and matching, but I'd like to hear if anyone has accomplished a v2/v3 mix-match in the past or whether the MiSeq will notice the difference and not allow the run to begin.
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Hi Esherman,

All the flowcells are the same, at least for "standard yield" kits. You can use them regardless of the kit version they came with (I know this from experience). The chemistry is certainly different, though, and it can't be mixed, just in case you were planning something goofy with the reagent cartridge!

As for the micro and nano flowcells... I don't have any experience with these, but I'd expect the same thing. I was told that the difference was just the imaging area. I'm not sure if the MiSeq knows what size flowcell you're using from the RFID (well, it knows, but I don't know whether it acts on it). It's easy enough to find out by setting up a dummy run but not starting it. It'll complain before it uses the reagent cartridge.


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It will complain, but you can switch RFID tags between flowcells.
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