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Unhappy BWA align SOLiD PE data gives poor mapping & 0.5% properly paired


This is my first attempt at aligning SOLiD paired end sequence which is whole exome data.
F3 file has reads minlength=50, F5-BC file has reads minlength=35

Previously I have only worked with Illumina sequence.

The following are the commands I used to do an assembly using BWA.

Unfortunately as you will see the results from samtools flagstat are disappointing. Only 57% reads mapped, & worse still 0.5% properly paired.

Can anyone tell me where I'm going wrong?
Thank you

PS I've played with the bwa aln parameters a bit with no improvement. I'm wondering whether it's the solid2fastq step or even my reference sequence. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

#Created colorspace index
bwa index -a bwtsw -c hg18_noran_mask.fa

#modified script

95 #if (/^>(\d+)_(\d+)_(\d+)_[FR]3/) {
96 if (/^>(\d+)_(\d+)_(\d+)_[F3|R3|F5-P2]/) {

#also renamed the F5-P2 to R3:

solid_data_F5-P2.csfasta -> solid_data_R3.csfasta
solid_data_F5-P2_QV.qual -> solid_data_R3_QV.qual

#converted to fastq.gz
perl ../../BWA_new/bwa-0.5.9/ solid_data solid_data

# bwa aln

./../BWA_new/bwa-0.5.9/bwa aln -n 0.04 -o 1 -e -1 -d 5 -i 5 -l 25 -k 2 -t 4 -M 3 -O 11 -E 4 -c -q 0 ../cs_index/hg18_noran_mask.fa solid_data.read1.fastq.gz > solid_data_read1_bwa_hg18.sai

Repeated for fastq 2 file for paired end reads

#bwa sampe

../../BWA_new/bwa-0.5.9/bwa sampe -n 3 -N 10 ../cs_index/hg18_noran_mask.fa solid_data_read1_bwa_hg18.sai solid_data_read2_bwa_hg18.sai solid_data.read1.fastq.gz solid_data.read2.fastq.gz > solid_data.sam


samtools view -bT ../cs_index/hg18_noran_mask.fa solid_data.sam -o solid_data.bam (as no .fai file from indexed RefSeq)

samtools sort solid_data.bam solid_data_sorted

samtools index solid_data_sorted.bam

samtools flagstat solid_data.bam
235101678 in total (QC-passed reads + QC-failed reads)
0 + 0 duplicates
134185711 mapped (57.08%:- nan%)
235101678 paired in sequencing
117550839 read 1
117550839 read 2
1196926 properly paired (0.51%:- nan%)
89122266 with itself & mate mapped
45063445 singletons (19.1%:- nan%)
2798688 with mate mapped to different chr
945434 with mate mapped to a different chr (mapQ>=5)
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Hello there,
I had a problem mapping paired end data with bowtie. In the bowtie manual it is thought that the paired ends from colourspace are in the forward strand- forward strand --ff orientation most of the time (well it maybe) but my reads F3 and F5-BC are in --fr. I did not realise this at first and my read mapping with bowtie was first at 0.1% with --ff, which rose to ~20% with --fr -X 400.

Obviously, this does not look like your problem but as a remark, my mapping is only 20%, so 80% not mapped as pairs. I think SOLID does the blunder bus approach and has a lot of collateral reads that are junk.

You could try bioscope mapping and bowtie, plus Sasson and michael pre-filter
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Richard Finney
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57% is okay^h^h^h^h great!

Last batch the wet lab guys sent me averaged 40%.

Resulting bam files were still quite usable.

BWA [ using default params except -c, of course ] aligns much less reads than the bioscope pipeline. The BWA looks much cleaner as bioscope aggressively hard clips reads and goes ahead and aligns them, many of which appear to be wishful thinking. [ This is using the default bioscope parameters available with the "demo" on NIH's biowulf].
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you should change the input position, just like this :
bwa sampe -n 3 -N 10 ../cs_index/hg18_noran_mask.fa solid_data_read2_bwa_hg18.sai solid_data_read1_bwa_hg18.sai solid_data.read2.fastq.gz solid_data.read1.fastq.gz>*.bam
I can't figure out why....
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