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Old 04-30-2013, 09:15 AM   #1
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Default Need help with blast...

Does anyone know if I need to make a assembly of my alignment before attempting to make a blast?
I'm asking because after I do an alignment on BWA, I created a file in fasta format to make a blast. But the output file is similar to a sequence without anything aligned.

Someone can help me?
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Cofactor Genomics
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Hello Guigra,
Can you share your alignment parameters with the group here... as well as confirm you expect the two to align because you established this with the prior BWA alignments? There are a number of very experienced BLAST users on the board here (as well as on our team) that can help if you provide more information.

My best.

Jarret Glasscock
Cofactor Genomics
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After doing the alignment with BWA, I need to pass the generated file to fasta format, so I can make a blast.
But when I do this, apparently the fasta file generated seems only the reads. Lose alignment. You know what's happening?
I use te samtools to pass the file in sam format for bam format, and after I use the blast2fastx to convert the alignment in bam format to fasta format.
I don't know if have some influence, but I'm work with the paired-end.
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Rick Westerman
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FastA *is* only the sequence; aka, reads. The alignment and other information will be lost.
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