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Default samtools mpileup and bcftools not reporting dbSNP ids

The vcf output after running mpileup and bcftools seems to fail to report dbSNP ids. Here are the commands I used against my BAM file...pretty much identical to the example code provided with the mpileup documentation.

samtools mpileup -ugf /data/genomes/hg19/hg19.fa aln.bam > aln_varRaw.bcf
bcftools view -cvg aln_varRaw.bcf | varFilter -D100 > aln.vcf

And here are the first 10 lines of the output vcf file.

chr1 16571 . G A 3.02 . AF1=1.000;AFE=0.375;DP4=0,0,0,1;MQ=30 PL:GT:GQ 30,3,0:1/1:41
chr1 74817 . G A 3.02 . AF1=1.000;AFE=0.375;DP4=0,0,0,1;MQ=30 PL:GT:GQ 30,3,0:1/1:41
chr1 118617 . T C 3.02 . AF1=1.000;AFE=0.375;DP4=0,0,1,0;MQ=30 PL:GT:GQ 30,3,0:1/1:41
chr1 231504 . G A 23.8 . AF1=1.000;AFE=0.829;DP4=0,0,2,0;MQ=30 PL:GT:GQ 55,6,0:1/1:49
chr1 232960 . C A 11.1 . AF1=1.000;AFE=0.768;DP4=0,0,0,2;MQ=30 PL:GT:GQ 42,6,0:1/1:49
chr1 233473 . C G 4.13 . AF1=0.500;AFE=0.307;DP4=1,1,2,0;MQ=30;PV4=1,0.0048,1,0.23 PL:GT:GQ 32,0,48:0/1:35
chr1 235976 . C A 52 . AF1=1.000;AFE=0.899;DP4=0,0,2,1;MQ=30 PL:GT:GQ 84,9,0:1/1:63
chr1 726481 . T G 13.9 . AF1=1.000;AFE=0.799;DP4=0,0,2,0;MQ=30 PL:GT:GQ 45,6,0:1/1:49
chr1 726939 . G C 14.9 . AF1=1.000;AFE=0.806;DP4=0,0,1,1;MQ=30 PL:GT:GQ 46,6,0:1/1:49
chr1 726944 . C G 21.8 . AF1=1.000;AFE=0.827;DP4=0,0,1,1;MQ=30 PL:GT:GQ 53,6,0:1/1:49

I realize that these 10 calls may not have a match in dbSNP but NONE of my calls have an associated rsID. rsID should be listed in the 3rd column.

I looked for specific parameters for setting up a connection to dbSNP but I cannot seem to find that information. Seems like I'm missing something.
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The tools you're using just report the SNPs found in your data. You'll have to assign the SNPs the dbSNP data with another tool, e.g. GATK VariantAnnotator, to which you provide the dbSNP entries as a file.
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So ga...I thought it can conect with dbSNP.
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dbsnp, mpileup, samtools, snp calling

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