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Default Pan-Cancer Patterns of RNA-Binding Proteins in ~7000 tumor RNA-seq samples

RNA-binding proteins (RBPs) regulate the expression of thousands of transcripts, and some are reported to be involved in human tumorigenesis.

We conducted comprehensive analyses for expression, somatic copy number alteration (SCNA), and mutation profiles of 1,542 RBPs in ∼7,000 clinical specimens across 15 cancer types.

We identified markedly dysregulated RBPs and found that downregulation was a predominant pattern in cancer.

Combined with recurrent SCNA and mutation data, we identified ~200 RBPs as potential drivers.

We confirmed the oncogenic property of six RBPs, including NSUN6, ZC3H13, BYSL, ELAC1, RBMS3, and ZGPAT using experimental methods. The oncogenic functions of two RBPs (NSUN6 and ZC3H13) involved in RNA modifications (m5C and m6A) were confirmed.

Our study highlights the potential roles of RBPs in carcinogenesis and lays the groundwork to better understand the functions and mechanisms of RBPs in cancer.

The resource and paper for RBPs is available at

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