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Default Myrna error

Dear All,

Myrna software:
I am trying to use Myrna software to analyze RNA-seq data from two cell-lines. We repeated experiments twice for each of the cell line hence I merged the data from repeated experiments. However, I am getting an error message while using following command:
myrna_local --input=Cell1_ Cell2.manifest --preprocess --reference=MYRNA_REFS/human_ensembl_58 --output=output_full --cpus=8 --intermediate=~/intermediate --keep-all --quality=phred64 --family=poisson --tempdir=~/temp

I am getting following error message:
Normalization: lup
Output URL: /gs1/users/rakesh/CIT/Analysis/Myrna/intermediate/count
Processing label Normal-Subject1-Lane1/2
stat /gs1/users/rakesh/CIT/Analysis/Myrna/intermediate/count/Normal-Subject1-Lane1/2.txt >& /dev/null
stat /gs1/users/rakesh/CIT/Analysis/Myrna/intermediate/count/Normal-Subject1-Lane1/2.norm >& /dev/null
stat /gs1/users/rakesh/CIT/Analysis/Myrna/intermediate/count/Normal-Subject1-Lane1/2.norms >& /dev/null
mv: cannot move `' to `Normal-Subject1-Lane1/2.txt': No such file or directory
stat /gs1/users/rakesh/CIT/Analysis/Myrna/intermediate/count/2.txt >& /dev/null
cp Normal-Subject1-Lane1/2.txt /gs1/users/rakesh/CIT/Analysis/Myrna/intermediate/count/ >&2
cp: cannot stat `Normal-Subject1-Lane1/2.txt': No such file or directory
Can't load Normal-Subject1-Lane1/2.txt to /gs1/users/rakesh/CIT/Analysis/Myrna/intermediate/count/ (256)

The Cell1_ Cell2.manifest file details are:
/data/rakesh/CIT/Analysis/Myrna/Cell1_F_combined.txt 0 /data/rakesh/CIT/Analysis/Myrna/Cell1_R_combined.txt 0 Normal-Subject1-Lane1
/data/rakesh/CIT/Analysis/Myrna/Cell2_F_combined.txt 0 /data/rakesh/CIT/Analysis/Myrna/Cell2_R_combined.txt 0 Tumor-Subject1-Lane1

Can you please help me to solve the issue?

I really appreciate your help,


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