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Default scrap heap

what about a second hand market ?
I couldn't fiind any ''for sale'' threads, especialy for older models , older but still useful
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We really should start a for-sale forum. I haven't only because I and several users of the forum have been threatened (literally) by vendors for trying to sell equipment on resale is "not allowed" by their terms of service.
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Richard Finney
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Default Allow Used Equipment Sales Postings

If you can legally resell your car, then you can legally resell your lab equipment. The vendors lawyers are blowing smoke.

Legal minds will ,of course, have various opinions ( at $300/hr., of course).

That said, the vendor might have some grounds to deny support and needed supplemental products. What good is a Gillette Mach 3 razor without a Gillette blade?

The vendors might think it's hurting sales but might want to rethink the issue. Hondas can usually command a premium precisely because there is less depreciation than with other brands ... so owners can resell their Accords and Civics more easily.

I recommend you go ahead and allow used equipment postings by assuming it's legal. If a vendor complains, go ahead and remove the post ... but do replace it with the vendors complaint. Then we'll know what's what and can "re-brand" that vendor in our own minds. Perhaps a little market pressure will keep any bullies in line.
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