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Default regex.match in python

Dear All,

I want to search a substring in a string allow certain number of mismateches

I have two strings

>>> S1
>>> S2

I want to allow 2 mismatches in this case and I mean to say if it has 2 mismatches, it should say strings are matched and want to know what indexes mismatches there and what are those mismatches

>>> regex.match('(ATAGCACTGC){e<=2}', 'ACAGCATTGC')
<regex.Match object; span=(0, 10), match='ACAGCATTGC', fuzzy_counts=(2, 0, 0)>

is working

but if give S1 or S2 instead of actual string it is not working

regex.match(S1 + '{e<=2}',S2)
regex.match(S1'{e<=2}',S2) etc all are giving syntax errors

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regex.match(S1 + '{e<=2}',S2)

You are missing parentheses - () - around S1.
Beyond that you seem to be using a VERY outdated version of Python, if that's the stdlib's regex module in your example. It's really time for an upgrade.
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Default Python3.5

Is there a equivalent function in python3.5 for

regex.match(S1 + '{e<=2}',S2)
I only find `re` and

Excuse me for posting on a old post

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