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Default Postdocs and Bioinformaticians, MBL

Postdoctoral and Bioinformatics Analyst positions available in microbial ecology at the Bay Paul Center (for Molecular Evolution and Ecology), Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA.

Potential research areas include:

*Microbial community ecology
*Metagenomics of the deep subsurface biosphere
*Human Microbiome Project
*Leaf surface microbial communities as a model for testing ecological theory
*Horizontal gene transfer
*Bioinformatics of next-generation amplicon and metagenomic sequencing
*Archaeal taxonomy

The Bay Paul Center has extensive expertise and facilities suitable for both experimental and informatics-based studies of microbial ecology. These include advanced tools for the generation and analysis of next-generation sequencing data, including a 454 GS-FLX instrument, an Ion Torrent sequencer, an Illumina GAIIX sequencer, automated sample prep, bioinformatics expertise, and substantial computing infrastructure. The MBL also has cutting-edge imaging technology, including confocal microscopes and a Zeiss PALM CombiSystem for laser microdissection.

Possible research areas include:

* Deep Life: As part of the Deep Carbon Observatory, we will explore microbial population structures through the lens of deep sequencing of ribosomal RNA genes and metagenomic studies of select samples from deep below the subseafloor and continental drill sites.

*Human Microbiome: Next Generation Sequencing of Microbial Populations in models for human disease. This project will explore the dynamics of complex microbial populations in the context of Ulcerative Colitis.

*Phyllosphere as a model system for testing ecological theory: We are developing leaf surface microbial communities into a model system for assaying (i) how microbial community assembly operates at “microbial” (micrometer to centimeter) scales and (ii) whether taxonomic, genetic, and functional measures of microbial diversity show common successional patterns over space and time.

* Horizontal gene transfer: High-throughput sequencing is being developed as a method to directly measure the rate at which mobile elements migrate within and between bacterial genomes on ecological relevant timescales.

* Next Generation Databases: Developing pipelines for processing, storing and analyzing NGS data from a variety of platforms.

Basic Qualifications: A Ph.D. in the biological sciences and/or a strong background in bioinformatics including familiarity with database operations; applicants with diverse backgrounds are encouraged to apply. Experience in one or more of the following areas is preferred: microbial ecology, ecological theory, bioinformatics, and/or analysis of next‐generation sequencing data. The candidate should be interested in interdisciplinary research and have excellent communication skills (oral and written).

Please submit three items: (i) a cover letter describing your research goals and your specific area of interest, (ii) a CV, and (iii) contact information for three references, including your Ph.D. supervisor if applicable. Applicants should send requested information to:

Mitchell L. Sogin ( and / or Sheri Simmons (
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