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Default OneTouch impression

We've had our PGM since December '10 and were one of the first to sign up to buy a onetouch last winter. We were lucky enough to be a test case to see if we could intall it and run it ourselves using just the manual. It makes the emulsion, does the thermocylcing, breaks the emulsion and harvests the beads, all by itself. I frigging love the thing. It is such an elegant solution, I can only wonder why Roche didn't have one of these two years ago for the 454.

Great Work IonTorrent/Life.
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Great to hear you have your OneTouch and it is up and running. We are anxiously waiting delivery of ours as this will really make sample preparation massively more easy and pleasant. Can you give any more details on how it is to use in practice?
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Does it cost much to run? Once the beads come off, how long does it take to do the enrichment step? Sounds very nice!
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For enrichement, it takes about 30mins. It's a very neat instrument (just a basic and cute liquid handler).
If you have done manual method, you are going to love it.

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Any possibility of hacking the OneTouch to do 454 bead preps?
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We got our OneTouch this week, hoping to get our first test run in next week. I'd be curious for any notes or observations from the early adopters out there ... are you seeing better run statistics, etc?
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Really keen to hear as many impressions as possible re the One Touch - so please keep us posted
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Sorry for the late replies.

Details to run: Build the PCR master mix with five pipettings, make sure two reagents are full, push go. Really not that much more than add new collections tubes and thermocycling pad.

cost: ~$50/run

454? Of course we will try to get it to run 454 beads, though it will probably work better when the cycling is adapted to longer read lenghts
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