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Default call indel and SNP by varscan

Hi all,

I met problem when I work on a 7M bacterium genome. I mapped 140x of paired-end reads (151x2) from illumina to a Pacbio reference genome by BWA mem. Then used samtool to get a mpileup file. Finally using varscan to call indel and SNP. Below is commands I used:

$bwa mem -M -t 6 Pacbio_ref reads_1.fq reads_2.fq | samtools view -buS - | samtools sort - illumina_paired_map_pacbio.sorted
$samtools index illumina_paired_map_pacbio.sorted.bam

get mpileup
$samtools mpileup -f Pacbio_ref.fastq illumina_paired_map_pacbio.sorted.bam > mpileup_output
call SNP
java -Xmx6g -jar VarScan.v2.3.9.jar  \
mpileup2snp mpileup_output \
--min-coverage 20  \
--min-reads2 2 \
--min-avg-.01 \
--p-value 0.05  \
--output-vcf 1 > 05snp.vcf
After that, I got only 268 SNP, similar work for indel but only 78 were found.

I don't think those numbers should be so low. Would you please help to check if there is anything wrong on any step? I think maybe the parameters in BWA were not set correctly. Please help!

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Jane M
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Don't know if it can solve your problem but you can try to add -B option to samtools mpileup, as discussed here for example:
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bwa, samtools, snp, varscan

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