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Lightbulb Complete Genomics releases its first draft genome. Come get our data!


We at Complete Genomics are proud to announce the release of our first draft sequence of a completely sequenced diploid genome and are making the raw data available to the public today!

You can read more on our website where you can request a disk drive (for FREE!*) with the raw reads or directly download the variations data as well as the HapMap Genotyping calls.

Here are some of the results

Sample: Caucasian HapMap Cell Line NA07022
Read Length: 35 + 35 bases
Machine Runs 9
Run Duration 8 days
Bases Sequenced: 630 Gb
Bases Mapped: 254 Gb (40% of total bases read)
Mean Coverage Depth:
• all mapped reads 91x
• uniquely mapped 76x
• uniquely mapped, non-duplicated 65x
Raw read discordance top 85% of bases 0.34% (Includes TRUE variants)

For more results visit our website

*Restrictions apply

Complete Genomics
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Default See our data as a custom track in UCSC Genome Browser


We have created a number of files that will allow you to see our variation and genotype data as custom tracks on the UCSC Browser.

The links will load the BED data from our site directly into the Genome browser as a custom track and open the UCSC browser.

We have split up the data in a number of files, since the files are quite big and may take some time to load into the browser and your browser may time out (but you only have to load it once and the data WILL be loaded).
After you loaded the custom data once, you can just go to the browser directly; you don't have to load the data again (unless NCBI purges their cache).

This data is a SUBSET of our complete data set and shows only those variations we found in the ENCODE regions.
When you click on a variation or (HapMap) genotype, you will also be able to see our evidence for the call, by looking at our read data mapped on the reference genome NCBI Build 36/UCSC Build hg18, by clicking the "Outside Link"

This track shows ALL the insertions and deletions we found in this build:

This track shows all the SNPs we found:

This track shows the genotype comparison with the HapMap calls for this individual.

We will probably tweak the files in the coming days a little, but let us know if you have any questions or comments...

Complete Genomics
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