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Default Cuffdiff-2.1.1 Segmentation Fault at Differential Expression Analysis Stage

Dear all,

What is wrong with cuffdiff-2.1.1? It keeps returning Segmentation Fault in this run, while "boost::thread_resource_error" in the other run.

Nonetheless, I have to get my job done.

My command is :
cuffdiff-2.1.1 -o single_rep -p 40 -u merged_asm/merged.gtf $BAM1 $BAM2 $BAM3 $BAM4 $BAM5 $BAM6 $BAM7 $BAM8 $BAM9 $BAM10 $BAM11 $BAM12 $BAM13 $BAM14 $BAM15 $BAM16 $BAM17 $BAM18 $BAM19 $BAM20 $BAM21 $BAM22 $BAM23 $BAM24 $BAM25 $BAM26 $BAM27 $BAM28 $BAM29 $BAM30 $BAM31 $BAM32 $BAM33 $BAM34 $BAM35 $BAM36 $BAM37 $BAM38 $BAM39 $BAM40 $BAM41 $BAM42 $BAM43 $BAM44 $BAM45 $BAM46 $BAM47 $BAM48 $BAM49 $BAM50 $BAM51 $BAM52 $BAM53 $BAM54 $BAM55 $BAM56 $BAM57 $BAM58 $BAM59 $BAM60 $BAM61 $BAM62 $BAM63 $BAM64 $BAM65 $BAM66 $BAM67 $BAM68 $BAM69 $BAM70 $BAM71 $BAM72 $BAM73 $BAM74 $BAM75 $BAM76 $BAM77 $BAM78 $BAM79 $BAM80 $BAM81 $BAM82 $BAM83 $BAM84 $BAM85 $BAM86 $BAM87 $BAM88 $BAM89 $BAM90 $BAM91 $BAM92 $BAM93 $BAM94 $BAM95 $BAM96 $BAM97 $BAM98 $BAM99 $BAM100 $BAM101 $BAM102 $BAM103 $BAM104 $BAM105 $BAM106 $BAM107 $BAM108 $BAM109 $BAM110 $BAM111 $BAM112 $BAM113 $BAM114 $BAM115 $BAM116 $BAM117 $BAM118 $BAM119 $BAM120 $BAM121 $BAM122 $BAM123 $BAM124

Basically, I am treating each sample as a single replicate.

Anyone has any idea how to get passed this segmentation fault issue?

Thank you.
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