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Default what is the file size for a 30X human genome sequencing file, raw and BAM?

I am moving from RNA-seq into whole genome DNA sequencing and wondering how big is the file? Illumina fastq file, SOLiD csfasta file as well as the aligned result in sam and bam format. What would be my minimum system requirement to deal with this kind of data then?
your help is really appreciated
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Richard Finney
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Assume genome is 3GB bases. Want 30x coverage.

3GB * 30 = 30 bases per genomic position = 90GB uncompressed.
Since quality is also needed in a fastq multiple by 2 = 180GB uncompressed (ignore fastq"@ control lines" and carriage returns in fastq file). So budget 220GB for fastqs. They typically compress to 25% of original size.

A resulting 30x bam should be about 100GB

Example: the TCGA file TCGA-AB-2977-11A-01D-0739-09_whole.bam (illumina) with 75base read lengths providing 28x coverage and is 88GB.

To actually run it, you'll need some temp file space. I'd budget about 500GB (1/2 TB) for end to end processing.

3TB drives are $175: warning not all motherboards support them and make sure you have the pci slots for the "raid card" to support them if your computer hardware bios doesn't support them. Otherwise stick to 2TBs.

Corrections on this comment are welcome!
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Thank you very much for you reply.
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