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james hadfield
Cambridge, UK
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Default List of next-next gen...

Hi All,
I found this list of other technologies and thought is would be good to share.
Feel free to add and take a look at the website the data came from...

454 - Branford, CT  - genome analysis by high throughput sequencing (sequence-by-synthesis)
Affymetrix - Santa Clara, CA  - photolithographic DNA microarrays
Applied Biosystems Group (ABI) - Foster City, CA  - molecular biology instrumentation and reagents
AQI Sciences - Bisbee, AZ  - single-molecule sequencing technology based on FRET
Base4innovation - Coventry, UK - next-gen sequencing using single molecule, ultra long read nanosensors
BioNanomatrix - Philadelphia, PA  - nanotechnology imaging
Callida Genomics - Sunnyvale, CA  - sequencing by hybridization
Complete Genomics - Mountain View, CA  - next-gen sequencing
Danaher - Washington, DC  - medical technologies and instrumentation, including sequencing
Genome Corp. - Providence, RI  - sequencing
GenoVoxx - Lübeck, Germany - developing sequencing-by-synthesis technology
Helicos BioSciences - Cambridge, MA  - single molecule sequencing
Illumina - San Diego, CA ; Wallingford, CT (CyVera); Hayward, CA (Solexa); Little Chesterford, UK (Solexa) - DNA microarray and next-gen sequencing
Intelligent Bio-Systems - Waltham, MA  - next-gen sequencing
LaserGen - Houston, TX  - next-gen sequencing based on cyclic reversible termination
Li-Cor - Lincoln, NE  - life science imaging systems
LightSpeed Genomics - Sunnyvale, CA  - next-gen sequencing
Mobious Genomics - Exeter, UK - ultra-long range DNA sequencing by way of "Molecular Resonance Sequencing Technology"
NABsys - Providence, RI  - next-gen sequencing using "hybridization assisted nanopore sequencing"
Nanophotonics Biosciences - Menlo Park, CA  - next-gen sequecing
Network Biosystems - Woburn, MA  - microfulidics and nanotechnology
Pacific Biosciences - Menlo Park, CA  - next-gen sequencing company
Population Genetics Technologies - , UK - next-gen sequencing
Reveo - Hawthorne, NY  - technology incubator and next-gen sequencing
Seirad - Santa Fe, NM  - next-gen sequencing technology and software
U.S. Genomics - Woburn, MA  - single molecule ultra-long high throughput sequencing
VisiGen Biotechnologies - Houston, TX  - developing whole genome sequencing
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Default List of next-gen...

Hi James,

Thanks for the list. Here is one addition:

Oxford Nanopore Technologies, Oxford UK. Single molecule DNA Sequencing.

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Hi James,

Great list indeed, one more for on there:

GnuBio, Boston, US. Microfluidics based next-generation sequencing platform.

Bio-IT june newsitem

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U.S. Genomics definitely bailed from this space; I think Callida is defunct as well.

VisiGen was bought by Life Tech. 454 by Roche

Mobius has blown hot air for over a decade. Dubious whether they ever had anything.

ZS Genetics is another electron microscopy-based technology claiming to play in this space.

Trying to keep track of the early stage companies is a nightmare
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Halcyon Molecular is another EM technology, very little is out there...
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I've been meaning to pretty up my notes/understanding of all the IP in this space. It would make a nice visualization to track all the players/inventions, and their acquisition by each of the big players.

As Keith alluded to, many of these ideas have been acquired or tanked.
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Don't forget about
Life Tech, which now includes Ion Torrent
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Maybe these can be added to this already existing list:
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QuantuMDx ( - Nanowire sequencing
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Thumbs up NGS service for cancer research

Seems to be a supplement for the already existing list.

So I'd like to recommend Creative Biolabs as a leading customer service provider in the field of next-generation sequencing (NGS). With years of research and development experience, it has established a pioneer SuPrecision™ platform to offer accurate and high-throughput sequencing services to meet every unique requirement of clients, especially for NGS-Based immuno-oncology research.

Please find it at
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