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Default Is it normal that a new thread just disappeared?

Hi all,

I'm new to this forum, so perhaps I'm misunderstanding the process. Around 24 hours ago, I tried to start a new thread in the bioinformatics section. Everything seemed to go OK, I copy-pasted the text just in case and submitted. It didn't give an error, but I didn't catch any 'success' message either.

I waited several hours and nothing happened, so I thought I'd try the same post again. Repeated the process, clicked submit and seem to recall I saw a message about it waiting to be accepted by a moderator.

Now it's the next day and I can't see any record of my thread. Is that normal? I have no issue whatsoever with the moderators taking their time, but is there any way to see posts awaiting moderation, or any feedback should it *not* be accepted for any reason? (I can't see why it wouldn't - it was just about paired experiment design!!)


** EDIT **

Weirdly, this post (and the one I wrote in the 'introductions' forum yesterday) appear instantly. Are only certain forums moderated?

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Brian Bushnell
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Normally, posts are not moderated. I think that there is a blacklist of IP addresses that get automatically banned (and occasionally this catches innocent people), but considering that you were able to post this, you are not on it. So, I have no idea why you had trouble posting; I will notify the admin and hopefully the problem can be resolved.

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Originally Posted by gabe_rosser View Post

** EDIT **

Weirdly, this post (and the one I wrote in the 'introductions' forum yesterday) appear instantly. Are only certain forums moderated?
Posts from newly registered users may be moderated (to prevent spam). Once you have posted a certain times this would no longer be the case.
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