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Default Solexa data to fasta

For the EULER-SR program a read.fasta file is needed with all the short reads of the solexa run in fasta format.

Does anyone have a small script or program to do so?

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This small perl script will take a Solexa seq file and convert to FASTA.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;
while (<ARGV>) {
  my @x = split m/:/;
  next unless @x == 7;
  print ">", join(':', @x[0..4]), "\n", $x[5],"\n";
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Hi Torst,
I just try the script, it can't work d?
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Peter (Biopython etc)
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That script is intended to be used with stdout/stdin, e.g. assuming you saved this script as a file called, and using $ to represent the command prompt:

$ perl < example.fastq > example.fasta

If you mark the script as executable (not applicable to Windows), then just:

$ ./ < example.fastq > example.fasta

If you want a Python version, try something based on this cookbook recipe:

e.g. With Biopython 1.52 or later:

import sys
from Bio import SeqIO
SeqIO.convert(sys.stdin, "fastq-solexa", sys.stdout, "fasta")
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Thanks a lot, maudp.
I will try it again later.
See how is the output result.
Thanks for your help again
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