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Default Can anyone help me with this?

Not sure what this is asking...

You have a RNA sequencing data set on the human brain and a separate RNA sequencing data set on the human liver. Gene A has 1500 RNA sequencing reads in the brain data set and 1000 RNA sequencing reads in the liver data set. Is the gene expression level of gene A higher, equal, or lower in the brain as compared to the liver? Explain why.
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It hurts my head to think that you need help answering this question. The most basic biological knowledge will let you figure out the answer. Ask yourself "What is the definition of gene expression?" Is your hang up that you don't know what a sequencing read is? If you don't know, search a bit.

ECO, is there any official homework help policy for this forum, and do you feel the need to make one?
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For a start, pick a better thread title, "Can anyone help me with this?" is about as vague as possible. See also:

Ten Simple Rules for Getting Help from Online Scientific Communities
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At least he spammed other forums as well:

There is no official homework policy, as I never expected people in higher education to be so brazen. I'm happy to help people that show that they at least are trying to understand the question, and have tried to help themselves before posting. these days.
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There has been a sudden surge in HW requests, maybe you should make a separate forum for academic tutoring... and remind people to put some effort first...
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tomplanets, look up the definition of "gene expression" and then do more reading on RNA sequencing (RNA-seq). You should be able to answer this question once you do so.
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