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Default Providing Blast Alignment (help)

I'm working in a protein database and I need to provide Blast search tool in its webpage, but there's a problem with BLAST.cgi file (I guess): when one send the search, only appears the following text on the page:

#!/bin/csh -f

# $Id: blast.cgi,v 1.1 2002/08/06 19:03:51 dondosha Exp $

echo "Content-type: text/html"
echo ""

setenv BLASTDB db


Do someone know where's the problem ?
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Peter (Biopython etc)
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Is CGI enabled? Is that file marked as executable?
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This page has instructions for setting up Web version of blast. Would not be a bad idea to verify that you have installed yours correctly. Specially the part about apache configuration.
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Rick Westerman
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To emphasize Peter's point, your web server must be enabled to allow CGI scripts to run from the directory where the blast.cgi file is located. Some web servers allow script execution from anywhere however common practice is to put scripts in isolated directories or via the use of the cgi-wrap program.
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.cgi, blast

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