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Default DESEq2 seems to under report counts for SE reads

Here are the Align summary data from TopHat for single-end reads. These SE Reads are NOT stranded.

cat /PATH/align_summary.txt | grep Mapped
Mapped : 66096436 (97.2% of input)
Mapped : 59491205 (97.4% of input)
Mapped : 58752388 (97.4% of input)
Mapped : 61205947 (97.4% of input)

So an average number of reads of about ~60 million

The default options for htseq-count are ( i.e. Like I do for paired-end reads): htseq-count -f bam -r name accepted_hits_sorted_QN.bam (name sorted bam)

21237878 22854704 23350366 21377177 (sums for four conditions -2 control 2 experimental)

So ~21 million. Roughly one third of the reads are reported.

Just running DESeq2 on the UN-sorted bam (i.e. The original *bam file from TopHat) with default value for s (default is yes assumed stranded).

Unsorted bam with s = no " htseq-count -f bam -r name s no accepted_hits.bam" (original bam from TopHat)
Name Sorted bam with s =no "htseq-count -f bam -r name s no accepted_hits_sorted_QN.bam (name sorted bam)

The closest I can get to number of reads reported by TopHat is 47/60 million.

Can someone explain why I might be seeing the low number of counts relative to the number of reported reads.

The issue does NOT appear for paired-end reads. For PE reads the counts reported TopHat matches closely the sum of counts reported by htseq-counts.
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Michael Love
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Just to get more accurate attention, note that the title of the post might better mention htseq-count, which is the software in question and not DESeq2 (though DESeq2 does have an import function for htseq-count files, these are separate software packages).

I think the -r name option is only for use with paired-end files. Otherwise, I would guess that the file should be pos sorted.

Other questions I would have are to check the quality scores for these BAMs, as there is a quality score filter in htseq-count.

Also what is the organism and what is the GTF file you are using?
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Devon Ryan
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For what it's worth, it's MUCH faster to just use featureCounts rather than htseq-count.
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Good point about the subject line
Mm_UCSC_Mm10_genome.gtf was used for TopHat/Bowtie2 to make the bam and by htseq-count to count

I believe default TopHat/Bowtie2 bams are coordinate/position sorted already so I am asking htseq-count to examine the original bam with no r option and s also set to no

Thanks for the tip.
Among other careless things, my tests did not include the r option as indicated in the original post.
The best count is still 47 million with "htseq-count -f bam -s no " and the unaltered TopHat bam

I'll check out featureCounts
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