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Devon Ryan
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Therein lies the problem, there is no single definition of "uniqueness". There are multiple incompatible definitions. Further, if we relax the --score-min settings enough then by some definitions there will never be any unique alignments. This is why MAPQ is a generally more useful concept and you'd be better served just forgetting about the term "unique" in this context.
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Thank you @devon
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Thanks for the help, I will try to figure out how to best solve the issue for my experiments.

I found this, which might be of interest to others trying to understand how bowtie2 assigns scores: link. There are also some interesting thoughts on uniqueness discussed in this and an older blog post.
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Hi all,
This worked for me, but I don't know if it is a general solution. If you set the -k paramenter in Bowtie2 to >=2, you should have at least twice the name of the read in your SAM file. You can use that to remove reads that appear >1 times in the file my_filename.sam. This way you don't have to undertand how Bowtie sets tags and flags.
tail -n +$(expr $(grep "^@" "$prefix.sam" | wc -l | cut -f 1 -d " ") + 1) "$prefix.sam" | sort | cut -f 1 | uniq -cd | cut -d " " -f 8 > "$prefix.toremove"
grep -vwF -f "$prefix.toremove" "$prefix.sam" > "$prefix.unique.sam"
rm "$prefix.toremove"
Comments appreciated.

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Originally Posted by dpryan View Post
The presence of an XS auxiliary tag doesn't mean that an alignment isn't unique (n.b., "unique" isn't really a useful term, there's a reason for MAPQ scores). bowtie2 should only count an alignment as not unique if the XS and AS scores are the same.

Note that you're typically best off simply filtering by MAPQ score.
How would you filter with MAPQ score? I have rows with
MAPQ=39 ... AS:i:0 XS:i:0

39 seems like an arbitrary value. In my case, The lines that don't have XS score, have a score of 42.
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bowtie2, unique reads, xs tag

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