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Default big dye temperature?

If anyone uses big dye in their sanger sequencing reactions, I have a question. After big dye is added to your sequencing reaction, how long can that reaction be kept at 4 deg C?
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Hey seqgirl,

This question is not really appropriate for this forum...but I'll leave it for now.
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I've kept sequencing reactions overnight before at 4 degrees C and they have been fine but it's probably not a good idea to do it routinely.

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hi friends

we are working with ABI ABI 3130xl genetic analyzer. we used to use BigDye Kit . but we dont have it anymore and we want to use alternative. does anybody knows that what we can use as alternative for BigDye Kit? are there ready labelled ddNTPS available that can be used for ABI ABI 3130xl genetic analyzer.? or are there any alternatie for their original ddNTPs?

please help me
please help me
please help me

My Job depend on this
I will loose my job if I dont find a soloution
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james hadfield
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Old-school, certainly the wrong forum though try ABRF instead.
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