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Default minION throughput

Hi all, I have been reading the information and evaluation of the potential utility of MinION these days. I would like to see if there is any update in the throughput of MinION recently.

From the ONT website, the R9 flowcell lifespan is 48 hours. So, anyone could share your experience on the total yield of the flowcell from your real data? Is there any improvement on the yield for the latest flowcell which can be purchased from the website? Would the flow cell performance deteriorate over time? I read from some posts the performance deteriorate after 6 hours.

So if I would like to increase the yield, can I adjust the speed the DNA passes through the nanopore? but I don't know if it would then be any tradeoff between the read quality and the fast mode.

I really appreciate any help you can provide.
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Current throughput (from October this year) is 10Gbase in 48h, but ONT expects to be able to increase this even further.

Yes, the yield deteriorates over time, but this effect is limited. You can also tweak running scripts to try and improve your yield (but only when you know what you are doing).
You can't and shouldn't tamper with the speed yourself. As of October the speed will be 450bps (used to be 250bps up to now) without a loss of accuracy.
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10Gbases of useful data seems very, very much to me. We have not done runs in October. But we have so far not achieved more than 0.5Gbases (2D passed) even with R9.
ONT tends to confuse people by not distinguishing between events, called bases and 2D passed bases. Usually if they talk about throughput they refer to events. 10 G events may be possible... And if 10 Gbases 2D is indeed true with the latest updates, that would be great. I just don't believe it before I have seen the data.
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10 Gb would be for 1d runs at 450 bps and is likely the total basecalls they achieved in their best runs. It does look like significant improvements in yield and and stability of the flowcells and pores, they claimed 95 % or so at more than 5 Gb with R.4 and the new kits.
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