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Default cummeRbund creating gene set

Hi all,

I am using cummeRbund, an R visualization package for Cufflinks high-throughput sequencing data.

I want to create a gene sets to be able to analyse the differentially expressed genes I'm interested in.
THis is what the manual suggests:

> data(sampleData)
> myGeneIds<-sampleIDs
> myGeneIds

[1] "XLOC_001363" "XLOC_001297" "XLOC_001339" "XLOC_000132"
[5] "XLOC_001265" "XLOC_000151" "XLOC_001359" "XLOC_000069"
[9] "XLOC_000170" "XLOC_000105" "XLOC_001262" "XLOC_001348"
[13] "XLOC_001411" "XLOC_001369" "XLOC_000158" "XLOC_001370"
[17] "XLOC_001263" "XLOC_000115" "XLOC_000089" "XLOC_001240"

> myGenes<-getGenes(cuff,myGeneIds)

where sampleIDs is a vector of 'gene_id' or 'gene_short_name' values to identify the genes I wish to select.

I made a normal .txt file with my genes, which looks like this:


Then, in R, I run these commands:

myGeneIds<-read.table("my txt file")
> myGenes
CuffGeneSet instance for 1 genes

and what I got is just the analysis of the first gene in the txt file. But I have 577 genes in the txt file.

How can I make the vector with my gene_id in order to make cummeRbund work correctly?

THanks for help
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