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Default A Nanopore run - budget/cost?

As I'm not familiar with the whole protocol of a Nanopore run, can someone more experienced list the consumables/costs for a project concerning the run of unknown plant species genome DNA?

I'm aware of the following:
Nanopore - 1000$ (starter pack)
Covaris g-Tube - ~300$

Thanks in advance!
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Nanopore costs are all available on the nanopore store website. Here are some demonstrative figures:
  • Flow cells at their most expensive are $900 USD each
  • Kits are about $600 USD for six sequencing runs
  • Rough rule of thumb: $1000 USD per run (currently 1-15 Gb yield, depending on kit and input DNA quality)
  • Multiplexing is about another $300 USD for 12 runs of 12 samples (or 24 runs of 6 samples, etc.)
  • Wash kits are $200 USD for 12 flow cell washes (allow multiple runs per flow cell)

Most kits have example protocols on the website, so you can find out before you buy them what other reagents are needed.

If you have a particular experiment in mind, I can give you a better idea of what it will cost.
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