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Originally Posted by Simon Anders View Post
   for exon in transcripts[ transcript_id ]:
      # Each GenomicFeature object has a slot called 'iv', which is a
      # GenomicInterval object, which in turn contains slots such as
      # 'chrom', 'start', 'end', 'strand', 'length', etc., to describe
      # where the feature sits in the genome. We use 'length' here.
      transcript_length += exon.iv.length + 1
      # We add the 1 because this GFF file does no
   # Now, 'transcript_length' is the sum of the lengths of all the
   # transcripts exon.
   # Print this result, and also add the number of exons as (which is just the 
   # length of the list of exons for the transcript):
   print transcript_id, transcript_length, len( transcripts[ transcript_id ] )
So the iv object already accounted for the 1-based counting and end inclusive (information from the GFF_reader documentation of HTSeq) when calculating the length? So why do you need a +1 again? The documentation seems to want to explain it but somehow truncated.
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